Aneta is a plural artist and creates integrating manual arts, design, fashion and stamping. And it was with this same purpose, to connect creative possibilities and creative people, that came to Oficina de Aneta. We believe that the talent of putting art on surfaces goes far beyond techniques and methods. It is in human relationships, through the look and connection between information, inspirations and intentions that projects take shape with truth and expression. Aneta’s workshop is also plural. We work in partnership with suppliers and creators to develop complete projects.


Aneta’s line of creations. Made in watercolor, crayons, pens and papers. Arts directed to the most diverse surfaces and can be developed according to dreams and exclusive personal projects like panels, porcelain, tiles, prints and even tattoos.


Oficina de Aneta creates projects with your personality. Developments in graphic design for logos, visual identities, packaging, web sites, campaigns and catalogs. Creations for digital and printed media in spheres ranging from the corporate area to personal proposals.


Elaborated by Aneta through digital collages and / or handcrafts unique to the stamping is directed to fashion and decoration products. They are trends and concepts translated into colors, shapes and rapports.

CONTACT | +55 31 99278 3723 | Belo Horizonte, MG. Brazil.