It is so interesting to tell us about this when the “about” mixes the professional and the staff in such a homogeneous way. As a child my greatest joy was being able to pick up crayons, paintbrush, paper, clay, pen, canvas, wall and skin and abuse all the freedom my parents gave me to create. And this plaything turned out to be my professional choice.

I grew up and went to study. I graduated from FUMEC in 2006, the second class of a very new course, but with the future professions. In it I passed with doubts between Fashion and Graphic, until discovering the stamping. I fell head over heels in love and decided to finish my degree in Fashion Design.

They were years working with the most diverse aspects of fashion and printing and in some graphic design projects. From imports of fabrics to personal requests for unique prints for single pieces. From elaboration of gear to campaigns the construction of visual identities with soul and expression.

It has been years of rich experiences and the opportunity to follow the transition and evolution of technology in stamping and changing design trends.

Everything went from print to design when, in 2014, I rescued the freedom to create. I resumed brush, pencil, paper, pen, colors in the hands, scribbles and rediscovered the pleasure of overflowing the limits of creativity. And those expressions were totally free! Gradually they found matching surfaces; the skin of friends, tiles, porcelain, paintings, paintings on walls, hand-printed fabrics … it was all a matter of desire and I sought the alternative of putting art on the surface.

Thus came Aneta, a childhood nickname that opened the doors to the studio, and became the signature of my works of authorship and the brand that I carry with me.


By the way, I’m Ana Marques. But you can keep calling me Aneta!


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