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Meet the work of Aneta and the projects of her creative studio Oficina de Aneta.




Cacá Verdolin, from Deliceria da Cacá.

``I needed to get the brand closer to the store's face. The colors, the forms, the stationery no longer met me and the work of Aneta was much faster than I expected and the surprise of the result was wonderful! Not just the brand today is what I've always wanted, but I fell in love again with my store. I like to use the packaging, I am proud to deliver my card and I also approached the store more!``

Filipe Campos Fontes, from Nex Comunicação.

``Working with Aneta on the design of Nex Comunicação sites was the best thing we could have done. Our customers love her work and being on the project ends up being their requirement.``

Ana Ester, owner of the pictures of the collection Elementares.

``<br /> And a house without life gains the strength of the Mandalas! I am simply in love with the work of the artist Aneta! The Elementary Collection was perfect on my wall! Earth, water, fire and air now inspire me in a circular dance.``

Elaine e Eliane, from Hoopla.

``In the beginning we had to run random prints even, until we knew the work of Aneta and we fell in love with every created print, every detail! They simply enriched our parts! Literally it was what we were looking for! Dedication, trust and the most important: knowing how to interpret everything the client wants!``

Maysa Ribeiro, from Maria Camomila.

``<br /> I really enjoyed this job! Aneta had the sensitivity to understand the message I try to pass. It made me feel free to express myself and talk about what I do not like. Your sensitivity is beautiful! Gratitude!``

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